Shespoke - About Us

Our Story

Since the dawn of modern history, women have been clawing their way through adversity, discrimination, disparity, and glass ceilings to earn a seat at the table and make their mark on the world. The fashion industry has not been kind to women on this journey. From the myriad of body image issues created by the pervasive Photoshop culture, to the lack of respect for diversity and inclusion in design and sizing, it’s not surprising that women have a love-hate relationship with fashion.

Add to the equation that the fashion industry is notoriously one of the top producers of pollution and waste, and moreover has had few technological advances in the last several decades. The result is an industry begging for a revolution.

Shespoke is the brainchild of Seth VerBeek, a fashion designer and supply chain and business specialist, who identified these problems in the fashion world and pioneered a ground-breaking solution. He partnered with Phil Schmidt, an engineer and expert in technical architecture who has co-founded or directed eight start-ups, and Janet Orozco Feller, a marketing maven and serial entrepreneur. Together, they launched Shespoke, a disruptive, fashion technology company that creates made-to-measure tailored apparel for women in their personalized fit.

Shespoke was built around Four Core Values that remain our guiding principles in everything we do.

Empowerment of Women

By nature, women are powerful creators and achievers. Women deserve to have beautiful, well-fitting, exceptionally designed clothing that is easy to acquire. Their clothing should make them look and feel confident, comfortable, and powerful; enabling them to achieve anything they desire.


Technological advancement is the way we achieve our goals around fit, convenience, and customer satisfaction. Shespoke has developed state-of-the-art technology (including digital patterns, a proprietary fit algorithm, and digital pre-production alterations) to make finely tailored, personalized fitting garments on demand. We are continually improving upon our technology and processes.

Respect for our Customers

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. We embrace the uniqueness of every woman because we recognize that her strength, beauty, and power derive from everything that makes her unique. Shespoke delivers premium, fashionable products that fit each individual woman’s body and style while eliminating the frustration of finding off-the-rack clothing that fits. We provide a first-class experience and unparalleled customer service because our customers deserve it.

Respect for the Environment

We love this beautiful world we live in, and we insist on conducting business in a sustainable manner. Since fabric is a primary component of our garments, we’ve carefully curated a selection of luxe, European-milled fibers that are 100% all-natural (like cotton, wool, and linen) which makes them renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. We reduce waste in production by making only made-to-order products. We also reduce waste by creating high quality garments that fit properly and are likely to have long life spans.

Our mission at Shespoke is to Revolutionize the way women buy clothing.

We seek to elevate the shopping experience from one that is frustrating and time-consuming to one that is easy, luxurious, and enjoyable. We are determined to eradicate the all-too familiar problem of poor fit that often leaves women standing before a closet full of clothing with nothing to wear. We strive to empower women to always look and feel as beautiful, powerful, and confident as their ideal image of themselves.